For constant yarn quality and long lifetime of the cots
  1. Universal loading
  2. Quick changeover
  3. Reliable operation
  4. Low power consumption

The quality of cots over their lifetime depends on proper maintenance, among which regular grinding. Bräcker offers two machines, the BERKOL supergrinder and the BERKOL multigrinder, to ensure optimal care and thus perfect smooth running, minimum lap formation and lower ends down rate.  

BERKOL supergrinder

The BERKOL supergrinder features a fully automatic grinding system. Its design is based on a modular structure which means the machine can be customized to specific customers’ requirements. Three modules are available: L, M and B. The module L has a loading capacity of up to 450 axles. The module M includes a measuring system and the module B has an integrated berkolizing unit. The supergrinder has a user-friendly touchscreen which provides operation guidance in eight languages.


  • Reproducible surface roughness and high parallel accuracy
  • Low downtime rate
  • Can run up to two hours without an operator

BERKOL multigrinder

The BERKOL multigrinder can process the entire range of top rollers and long cots used in a spinning mill. It has a grinding capacity of up to 150 top rollers per hour. With its automatic mode, the BERKOL multigrinder can operate unattended for as long as 30 minutes. For long cots with an axis length of up to 490 mm, the semi-automatic mode can be switched on.


  • Lowest power consumption in the industry
  • Superior grinding results for optimal yarn quality
  • Grinding to size or differential grinding


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