Ring Travelers for Long-Staple Spinning

Premium travelers for lubricated rings
  1. Optimal running characteristics
  2. Maximum production consistency
  3. Close tolerances

As one of the key components in ring spinning and twisting, Bräcker offers travelers in various shapes and materials to fit any requirements. They are designed to process fibers, such as wool, acrylics, cashmere, flax and blends as well as glass fibers.


Steel J and HZ series, to spin fine and medium yarn counts

Steel J and HZ series

The steel travelers J and HZ are specifically designed for spinning worsted, semi-worsted yarns and draw twisting of filament yarn applications. Manufactured according to ISO 96-2, they come in different shapes to cover a wide range of applications.

STEELTEX HZ series, to spin carpet yarns, draw twisting of filaments and abrasive fibers


With their steel inserts, the steel travelers STEELTEX HZ handle high delivery speeds and abrasive fiber materials. Available with ISO 63 to ISO 20 000, these travelers prevent filament damages and demonstrate exceptional lifetime.

NYLTEX J and HZ series, to spin and twist coarse yarn counts, ply and glass fibers

NYLTEX J and HZ series

The NYLTEX J and HZ series are suitable for polyamides (nylons) and available in weight range from ISO 20 to ISO 25 000. They come in two qualities: Lubridur for twists with normal abrasion tendency and for twisting and doubling of delicate yarns, and Lubridur R, reinforced with glass fiber, to increase the wear resistance.  

NYLTEX F series, to spin wet flax

NYLTEX F series

Available with ISO 50 to ISO 1 400, the travelers NYLTEX F are particularly designed to spin wet flax. They come in four different shapes:

  • Fi2 and FG for S and Z twist

  • FZ for Z twist only, dry spinning also possible

  • FU for S and Z twist, dry spinning also possible 

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