Cots and Aprons

Customer value with polymeric solutions
  1. Perfect running behavior
  2. High reliability and stability
  3. Outstanding lifetime
  4. Universal applicability

With the BERKOL cots and aprons, Bräcker enables customers to produce a stable yarn quality at all times. The superior lifetime of the cots and aprons results in less machine downtime and higher productivity. 


BERKOL cots by Bräcker

Rubber cots

Made of the finest choice of rubber compounds, BERKOL cots offer excellent running performance, long lifetime and consistent yarn quality. They process various raw materials in short-staple spinning under any ambient condition. BERKOL cots are available with a shore hardness from 63 to 83 and come in various dimensions.


  • Best grindability
  • Reduced lap formation and yarn breaks
  • Lower machine downtime


BERKOL aprons by Bräcker

BERKOL aprons are running vibration free and feature the highest possible crack resistance and the lowest slippage tendency. They are suitable for all common fibers in any ambient conditions. BERKOL aprons are available in a wide range of dimensions, as skived or skived and pre-glued versions. A knurled inside structure is possible with certain sizes.


  • Good friction properties
  • No vibration


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