Tools for Rings and Ring Travelers

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Whether to insert or remove travelers, to monitor the traveler's behavior or center the ring, Bräcker offers various tools.

Inserting tools

RAPID AP system

Magazine system for C-shaped ring travelers with a capacity of 4 storage bars, each holding 130 to 400 ring travelers.


The ring travelers are lined up on a profile strap (up to 10 000 ring travelers per spool). The STRAP system is used for SU ring travelers for ORBIT spinning rings and for C-shaped ring travelers with a “fr” profile.


BOY is recommended for heavy ring travelers (> No. 10, ISO 160) and light ring travelers L1 f and C1 EL udr. The ring travelers are inserted from outside to inside.

Removal tools

For ring travelers

Bräcker offers two removal tools for ring travelers: CLIX and OUTY.

CLIX is used to remove C-shaped, SFB and SU ring travelers.
OUTY removes C-shaped ring travelers and collects them in its handle.

For fluff and yarn

From engineered to standard tools, Bräcker provides the right tool to remove fluff and yarns efficiently and easily.

ROLSPRINT features gears made from hardened steel and special easy-running ball bearings. It is available for spindle lengths of 200, 315, 400, 500, 600 and 800 mm.

AIRPICK is a powerful compressed-air fluff remover (6 bar/90 PSI) with 25-cm spindle.

SECUTEX is a safety cutter with blade protection and exchangeable steel blade.

CUTEX is a tuft cutter with exchangeable brass blade, available with 50 mm and 100 mm blade lengths.

Monitoring tools


The stroboscope makes it possible to observe the ring traveler’s behavior and condition. Through a series of flashes, the traveler appears clearly so customers can choose the ideal travelers for their application and replace them in due time. Consequently, yarn breaks are minimized, service life is increased, and downtime is reduced.

Adjustment tools

Ring centering device

The ring centering device allows customers to precisely center rings to 0.15 mm. The accurate spinning geometry reduces tension variations and yarn hairiness and thus ensures a smooth production and a continuous yarn quality.


  • Ring travelers

    Discover the wide range of Bräcker ring travelers, for short- and long-staple spinning, available in different shapes, finishes and materials.



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