BERKOL® Maintenance Machines

The BERKOL® multigrinder is available in three different executions:

grinding machine for semi-automatic grinding of preparation cots:

  • Grinding with top roller attachment for roving-, ring and air jet spinning top rollers
  • Grinding on a mandrel for OE nip rollers
  • Taper grinding (conical grinding) for special use like detaching rollers for combing machines

BERKOL® MGLQadditional processing control during the grinding process.

BERKOL® supergrinder SG
Basic model with only grinding possibility. We recommend to ALWAYS including the measuring module „M“...

supergrinder SG M
this type of BERKOL® Grinding System is equipped with auto measuring, allows to grind to size as well as differential grinding, according to the customer‘s preferences

supergrinder SG MB
on top of grinding to measure or differential grinding, this configuration allows the cots to be passed after grinding through the Berkolising module „B

supergrinder SG LMB
here the BERKOL® Grinding System is equipped with extra large „storage“ devices (holding up to 450 top rollers) to allow operating the grinding machine to be operated for long hours without anybody having to attend it.


Lubricating Unit

Testing Instruments