Market Segments

Flax / Linen Spinning

Nylon Travellers

Focusing on a better quality line, Bräcker constantly improved the shape of Nylon travellers Nyltex in order to fulfil the requirements of the end users in the flax & linen spinning mills.

Spinning Rings

Bräcker developed and produces a well-balanced selection of spinning rings for wet and dry spinning. The Bräcker ring shapes, sizes and application of special surface finishes, help to run at the top level of productivity and quality. Highest consistency of Bräcker ring quality ensures long service life.


Part of the Bräcker product range are various types of inserting, cleaning and cutting tools for the textile industry. Bräcker inserting tools allow spinning mills to change travellers very quickly and efficiently with reduced labour involvement. Bräcker cleaning tools Rolsprint and Roltex are very efficient fluff removers for cleaning of textile machines. The Bräcker cutting tools Secutex and Cutex are for the application in various spinning mill departments.